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remember peekaboo? keep your eyes closed.
you keep them closed, just like that.
it's ok, we're going to be ok.

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I’m an asshole, man; not even on purpose either. Wtf.

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"Who hurt you so much that you started to hate yourself?"

Midnight thoughts (what made you so sad)

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"How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind."

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I don’t just listen to rap. Some people are like, “Who’s your favorite rap artist?” I’m like, “I don’t have just a favorite rap artist.” There’s certain rappers that I’ll listen to and I like certain songs by certain artists. I’m not a fan of just one specific artist, and everything that that artist does I like that. Lifehouse, “Hanging by a Moment,” I love that song. You know what I’m saying? Like Taylor Swift says, “And my daddy said stay away from Juliet,” I can understand what she meant by that metaphorically, like, she was the princess. I’ve been through that situation. I was courting, going through the courtship phase, you know, the lady’s father intervened, he didn’t want her dating me and things of that nature. But I was a knight in shining armor, so I had to fight for her.

It resonated with me and the other part of the song that was like, [singing] “Do you remember, we were sitting there by the water? You put your arms around me for the first time.” I love that. It’s so realistic. It’s simplistic. And when I listen to that song it reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks. He wrote The Notebook. I love The Notebook. One of the main characters said, “There won’t be any monuments for me after I’m gone, and I won’t be given any special medals of honor when I’m dead, but of this I’m sure: that I love this woman with all my heart.” And it’s just one of the most beautiful lines I’ve heard in my entire life. It’s beautiful to me, you know what I’m saying. I love being in love.


Kevin Gates, on what do he think sets him apart from other rappers. (x)

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More good vibes here


More good vibes here

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More good vibes here


More good vibes here

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Lil Bibby - We Are Strong (ft. Kevin Gates) [MP3]


Lil Bibby - We Are Strong (ft. Kevin Gates) [MP3]

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